Welcome to Central Illinois Precision Shooting

Welcome to Central Illinois Precision Shooting

  • 1, March 2020
  • Central Illinois Precision Shooting
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Here at Central Illinois Precision Shooting (CIPS) in Illinois we strive to progress shooting enthusiasts throughout the state. Through our wide variety of matches, clubs, and events; the perfect amount of training is instilled to reach your fullest potential. Our dedicated and fully certified crew are devoted to your safety and education, available each day to assist you in your endeavors. We are excited to reveal our new look and presentation; as we continuously grow in serving surrounding Illinois communities. Browse through our site, and stay tuned for upcoming matches. We look forward to welcoming you into the family at Central Illinois Precision Shooting.

What does it take to reach your fullest potential?

Consistent training, higher level learning, qualified instructors, and profound techniques are all necessary characteristics to reaching our individual level of fullest potential. Through the establishment of CIPS, we allow all of these qualities to be given attention in one place; in a group of members with the same values. With continued education and profound experience in the industry, our members both know and have what it takes to reach the next level. Evolve your skills and surpass your goals by collaborating with an organization who is there for you through every step of the process.

Regional and National competitors

We work with both regional and national competitors on a personal level to advance their shooting career. Witnessing scholarships, awards, and national placements has been a true honor to our team since the very beginning. Professional training is available at Central Illinois Precision Shooting, as we direct you into the proper areas of focus as you strive or progress at a national level. If you feel as if you have reached a skill peak or are simply in a slump of advancement, allow our members to relieve you of the rut. When working with our experience team, there are no limits when it comes to progression. Our mission is to improve our members each day, while providing an enjoyable and supportive environment all at the same time.

With a strong commitment to the firearm communities throughout Illinois, you can trust in our group of advocates in all forms of advancement. Whether you are looking to increase your knowledge, connections, or shooting capability; we guarantee that CIPS will be your group of choice. Join a group of members who are reaching their fullest potential today, practicing on a day to day basis to rank higher than ever before. Our Regional and National competitors are more than happy to collaborate with you and share their knowledge as you follow in a similar footstep.

Our new look it an exciting unveiling process to the public. Visit our building today to see the further additions taken place at our physical location. As a group committed to your excellence, we are also continuously evolving. Take part in the loyalty of a group that gives back as much as its members put in.

Feel what it is like to shoot with Precision,

- Central Illinois Precision Shooting