Who We Are:

Central Illinois Precision Shooting (CIPS) is an association of dedicated shooters, coaches, and volunteers from Central Illinois. We are an established organization which promotes safety and training in the sport of precision shooting for junior shooters, college shooters, and their families.

Our Mission:

Help shooters accomplish their goals in an enjoyable and supportive environment.


Using high quality, olympic style air and smallbore (.22 caliber) equipment, we...

  1. Introduce beginning shooters to the basic skills and enjoyment of precision shooting
  2. Develop leadership and life skills
  3. Provide a safe environment to develop shooting skills
  4. Foster a competitive shooting climate designed to advance shooting skills, for those interested
  5. Host competitive matches for the state of Illinois and the midwest region
  6. Answer the shooting sports demand for a place to shoot by a variety of shooting clubs/organizations (4-H, Boy Scouts, Explorers, school districts, etc....)